10 Reasons How Memes Have Changed The World

The world has changed a lot since the internet was created. One of the biggest changes in how people communicate with each other both online and offline.

The new way that people have found to connect is through memes. Memes have become an important tool in helping us understand current events, express our feelings about certain topics, and even highlight some of the major problems in society today.

This list will show how memes have changed the world by giving examples of how they can be used as a form of expression, why they're important for our culture, and their ability to help change aspects of society.

Memes have changed the world

1. Memes help us understand current events

Memes can be used as a way to express your opinion on current events. Not only are memes an easy form of expression, but they can also even act as rapid-fire journalism where all the information you need is presented in one image.

An example of this is how many people depicted Obama's reaction to getting bin Laden with his famous "Bin Laden Is Dead" image where he's fist-bumping Joe Biden. This shows that memes can quickly sum up what happens during or after an event without having to wait for long-form journalism or just repeating what other people say through social media.

2. Memes give us a chance to laugh at ourselves and the world around us

We live in a world where everything has gone political. Many people are divided over many issues, and memes can help them chuckle at something because it's so ridiculous or just laugh to keep from crying over the state of today's culture.

An example is this image that shows how you can't have a Halloween party without being considered "cultural appropriation." Instead of just attacking others because they're trying to enjoy themselves, understanding comes about when you realize that something as seemingly stupid as Halloween costumes can be turned into an issue. This is similar to another meme that explains why it's okay for everyone else to celebrate Christmas by saying, "Because I want to."

3. Memes show us cultural trends before they hit mainstream media

Because they are usually posted onto internet platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, 4Chan, etc., memes often start on the fringes of society and get picked up by bigger social media sites before hitting mainstream news outlets.

An example of this is how memes helped get President Trump elected by showing how ridiculous the political system had become by mocking everyone else running for government positions during the 2016 election season. This was done through popularizing phrases like "Grandma says hi" or just explaining why you were voting for Donald because it seemed like he was going to shake things up in Washington DC.

4. Memes help us understand international events that happen outside our own country

Because most people who use memes are plugged into different social media platforms around the world, they can better understand what happens in other parts of the world just by seeing images, videos or text.

An example of this is how many people were able to understand what was happening during Brexit by making memes that created fun ways to explain complex ideas about why Britain wanted to leave the European Union so they could have more control over their own country.

5. Memes educate us on different aspects of our history and pop-culture

Memes are a way for us to learn more about who we are as individuals because you can see other people's perspectives on certain events through pictures, text, or video clips. This gives you a chance to see things from other viewpoints rather than just watching one perspective be shoved down your throat all the time.

An example of this is how many people were able to learn more about the history of Hip-Hop, especially during its earlier days, by seeing what rappers looked like and how they dressed. This allowed younger generations to better understand their roots and gave them a chance to see where hip-hop came from before they could decide for themselves.

6. Memes show us that we're not alone in feeling a certain way about something

Every person has felt different from what is expected or didn't mesh well with others because of certain personality traits or interests.

An example of this is how one meme started as "Friends: when you have awkward silences" followed by filling in the blank with different things such as "Pokémon GO players: when there's a pokéstop nearby" or "Comics readers: when their favorite character dies." This showed us that others out there felt the same way we did about certain things, and it helped build a community of people.

7. Memes give us something to talk about even if we feel shy at first

Sometimes you just don't want to be the one talking in a group of friends or out at a party, but everyone can relate to memes on some level, so bringing up popular meme content is a great icebreaker because everyone knows what they're talking about.

An example of this is Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo, who was shot after he grabbed a child who had fallen into his habitat. The news covered it for a little while, but memes have kept the memory of Harambe alive by trying to revenge his death.

8. Memes help us express our political opinions without having to explain them in-depth

Some people just don't feel comfortable putting their political ideas out into the world because they're not sure how other people will react or if they'll be judged harshly.

An example of this is how many people started using Pepe The Frog as a way to vote for Donald Trump during the 2016 election season, mostly Reddit users who would make comics comparing Hillary Clinton to an evil version of Pepe called "Smug Frog" and saying things like "I'm not owned! I'm # Deplorable." This was a subtle yet effective way to share their political opinions without having to say much.

9. Memes give us a reason to laugh again when everything's going wrong

Between the constant stream of depressing news and having to deal with an overwhelming amount of stress in our lives, it can be difficult to find the motivation or energy to do anything besides sit around and feel bad about ourselves for things out of our control.

An example of this is how many people turned to memes as a way to cope with the 2016 Presidential Debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because if you weren't drawing fan art or comics making fun of them, then you just weren't paying attention at all. This helped soothe some feelings about the election, so instead of just letting everything stress them out, they could laugh about the absurdity of what was happening.

10. Memes remind us to enjoy life instead of letting our problems make it miserable for us

It's easy to ignore how lucky we are to be alive and have all this opportunity in front of us, but every time you see an inspirational meme pop up on your feed, even if it makes you feel bad because you haven't accomplished as much as that person has yet, it reminds that one day you will accomplish great things too.

An example of this is how many people love posting memes about college graduates or kids who thought they wanted to be something when they grew up, only to realize after getting their first job that "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a [insert adult job title]!" This shows us that no matter what we're struggling with within our lives right now, there's someone else out there who went through the same thing and found happiness on the other side.